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Monday, March 4, 2013

What is in my bag

Being a geek means I carry or did carry lots of stuff with me as I never know what I am going to need. I am now down to one light briefcase. I used to carry a big backpack stuffed with assorted cables, external hard drives, flash drives, a 15 inch pc laptop, an ipod, an ipad  a droid and a few pairs of headphones. Over time I have minimized down to the briefcase with an ipad, mac book air, 2 pairs of headphones and a cuppla flash drives. One of those drives, a 16gb contains a bootable linux distro with separate partition for storage that I created, It is fully encrypted and can easily be erased if needed. This helps when I need to do tech work on clients machines that used to require me to carry a laptop to troubleshoot with. No longer. Amen. Technology has moved to the point that my daily gear gets lighter and lighter evn though my technical work continues to get more complex. Gotta love it.
I still carry a second bag with me on my daily commute to the lab but that has my paper reading material and assorted lunches and snacks, a small toolkit and a mag light for when I need it.
The second flash drive in my bag contains a test version of a public OS called Ubuntu which I am finding useful for on the go work when I want to use a clients machine but want my docs and settings already there when i boot into  it. I love this capability.

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