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Monday, March 4, 2013

March musing

Have been spending lots of time getting caught up on my leisure reading and tv watching lately. Bad habits to get into I know but there have been some good shows on lately and definitely some good books to read.
Duck Dynasty, Anger Management, Shameless and others on cable and availalbe on ipad are wonderful. There are even some good shows on commercial tv. All of which I have been perusing for view.
For those a little bit more tech savvy there is also a Crackle App availalble on all platforms that gives you access to tons of free movies and tv shows from a bygone generation.. All in the family, Good Times, Sanford and Son etc as well as a slew of great movies and original series. All free and all streaming on the ipad.. Wonderful stuff.
As for the outdoors, the seed stores are starting to bring forth there wares for the spring. I am slowly perusing and picking out what I want to attempt this season. This weekend I started some green onions from recycle and had to bring them in this morning as it is supposed to flurry later in the day. But go back inot the 60s for the week. Good start.
MOre updates later. I am hoping to get back into serious blogging now that the winter curmudgeon is waking up.. We shall see.

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