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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
This blog documents my daily experiences with the rest of the world

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall is in the air

While the low so far has been in the upper 20s over the last several weeks the daytime highs have been in the 70s.  Great sleeping weather with the windows open. It has now been 6 weeks living in the rv and we now have hot water and the propane stove now works. It took 4 weeks to get an appointment with the rv repair guy to come out and check the lines. While I feel confident dealing with plumbing and electrical I do not feel easy working with gas.

The furnace will require him to come back out as there appears to be a mud daubers (sic) nest somewhere in the exhaust flu that he will need to disassemble and clean out.  Other than that wife is all happy. With 2 generator and a heater buddy along with the heated freshwater hose we should be good.  I still want to get a length ov PVC to put over the sewer line to prevent cracking and avoid poopsicles.

Other than those few items life is good. I enjoy sitting outside in the evenings talking to the fellow nomads. You would be surprised as to how many people younger and old are full timing. Though many of the snow birds are heading south shortly, there are quite a few neighbors who will be joining us for the winter ahead. A sort of nomad community. I am always willing to learn from the neighbors about improving things to make life easier as a nomad.

One of the things we have learned thus far is park wifi sucks. This on top of the fact that the latest bug makes wifi connections insecure. Thus I am glad I upgraded my mobile to unlimited data. The the wife and I can share the data on my iPhone so that we can stream Netflix and other TV on her iPad. Happy wife happy life.

Living up in the hills has been a positive experience thus far. The little store across the street has all the essentials as done the Diamond Shamrock down the road. So we are not forced to travel much to the KingSoopers several miles across town. I am hoping to soon be able to devote more time to my photography and painting but right now the mechanics and assisting the boy with his new motorbike is taking free time. Plus I getting relaxed in this peaceful environment.  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

1ST snow

While it has been teasing us with rain and chilly temps the last few days yesterday was the kicker. As I left my lab at about 415 I went outside to a cloudy afternoon. AS I headed to Golden the rain began to come down more and more. AS I exited the commute and walked the path to the homestead the rain drops started turning to flakes that melted upon landing.

They got faster and faster as I got closer to the homestead.  I went inside and within minutes the snow turned back to drizzle and then it stopped.

This morning it was still chilly and overcast but now the sun is shining.

Monday, October 2, 2017

One month down and all is well

It is now one month plus a few days since we joined the nomads of America in our RV.  Within the last few weeks we have been working out the quirks of our new home, organizing the essentials and getting used to the limited space.

We have encountered a plumbing issue which was an easy fix,  appropriate electric usage so as not to trip a breaker and began using the electric fireplace which heats the trailer up nicely. While it has been a learning experience it is getting easier and easier every day. Not only that but it even more enjoyable way of life.

We have also begun stocking up on essentials for the winter months ahead. We bought a Camco freshwater hose ($150) that when plugged in will not freeze the water down to -20.  We also bought a bunch of canned goods to keep in reserve. The truck and the propane will be looked at in 2 weeks.

I also have been able to enjoy the new Photos App in iOS11.  AS you can see in the above pictures taken  last week. The joy of gettin back to old school Black and White is wonderful.  Smlifying the contrast adjustment.

Month 2 begins.

Monday, September 18, 2017

signs of fall

A dozen butterflies hanging out in the bushes near the lunch table. All look quite alike.  But each one a different animal. I watched them for about 40 minutes while I enjoyed some chicken and potatoes from Saturday afternoons trip to the pharmacy and the storage unit. The way they flew around without a care was awe inspiring. Every time I got close enough to photograph they would fly
away. SO the memory lingers in my head only.

Issues at home took their toll on me and the Mrs. We spent Sunday crashed out on our easy chairs relaxing after a busy Saturday at storage grabbing a few items for the new home.  All that is left are getting the cars from the rental and bringing them closer to the camp site.

I was going to do it on my own but rather I am paying a tow company to pick them up and bring them to me. Much easier on my sanity.  

Another issue that I am facing is how to train someone else child, now a woman, to behave like an adult and take responsibility. Play time ends for the most part when you are over 18. Or so that is what I taught my kids. Roof, food and utilities are the top priorities that I stress. Everything else is a luxury.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A little Lunt goes a long way

Since moving into the new residence I take 1/2 mile walks during the morning and afternoon as part of my commute to the city.  During these walks I notice nature and its complexities. Since I have the iPhone 6s its me I have begun documenting the sites with images on the camera.
Every now and again I will share these photos here for posterity.

Mrs T has begun referring to our new abode as the hobbit hole, a reference to Tolkien. SO I guess with my walking stick I should be referred to as Gandalf. Alas. A happy wife a happy life

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pics from Sunday drive

Just a few shots from the river stops

Sunday drive

Red dolly Casino Prime rib dinner $6.95

After taking a drive up to Blackhawk Colorado to enjoy the mountains  we stopped in this restaurant for a bit of supper. It was rather enjoyable to sit on the second floor of a Casino and watch people eat and gamble. It was drizzling by the time we got out so we took a drive back down the hill making several nature stops along the way. One was an overpriced farm market next to the Blackhawk pawnshop.  4 peaches for $8 and jars of preserves for $11.  I can't see spending that much so we drover further down to the river where son and I enjoyed some frolicking by the river.  

Also found a well weathered stick which I can use for another walking stick whittle. Am very much looking forward to relaxing under the awning and whittling. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

a new day

Since last I posted the wife and I and the 2 kids are now living in the RV. It has been a long week but it was worth it. I haven't slept this good in years.

While we are working out the quirks we are using the outdoor gas grill and stove for cooking. We also have a cooler outside for beverages. Indoors the toilet is working as is the electric fridge freezer.

Now the fun begins. Prepping it for the coming winter. Stocking up on propane, food and other assorted essentials.

I am also looking into alternative streams for income to support us for the long haul.  I do not want to stay at this job forever. But we do need a reliable source for income.

a great article I wanted to share.  If you want to read further about self reliance and the self sufficient lifestyle

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

diet time for Trash

Went to the doctor yesterday for my once a month checkups. Since my surgery two years ago I went over a year and 6 before weight gain became a problem. I normally weigh in around 220-230. 2 months ago I weighed in at 251. Yesterday I weighed in at 264. Believe me I can feel it. So it is diet time for Trash. 
I exercise frequently by walking 2-3 miles a day. However my eating habits need to change.  NO more fast food and no more junk food. At least for now.  I need to get back down to my ideal of 230.

Friday, August 4, 2017


Last week we made our reservations for our first 3 month stay an RV resort.  We went up last Saturday and the wife and kids are excited. We are in the foothills for seclusion but within a few miles to the nearby town. We also have a convenience store liquor store across the street. Plus we are only 1/2 a mile from the Public transit so I can still maintain employment while we work the kinks out of our new home.

Camping world is a few miles away as is the Dodge dealer in case I need them. Therefore it should be an ok scenario. Thanks to Mrs T for doing the research and finding this place.  It is a tad expensive but for the convenience we will manage. At least having the security of vendors nearby takes a strain off my mind.

I am beginning to hate living underneath the landlord. I hate living by others rules. I am beginning to hate nosy people. I will be glad to regain control of my family's existence.

This weekend a trip to Camping World, MicroCenter and the RV yard is on the agenda. We need to pick up some needs and luxuries for the son and the RV.

On a geeky note I updated my ipod  to iOS11 and it seems to be ok. There are a few glitches I have notice. Thus the reason i don't put betas on my primary devices.  Siri seems to a bit more intuitive in early testing and Maps is getting better. Lets hope that the final release is as good as the Beta.

Secondly we will be looking for a WIFI BOOSTER while at CW and MC. My Tmobile hotspot is good for me and 1 or two devices but for the family we need a booster for the existing wifi. I have been researching this and have found a few potentials. GOing to physically look at the this weekend.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

minimize your thirst for books

Remember the good old days when you carried a backpack with hard cover or paperback books and filled your home with the read books in your library. Well the 21st century has solved that issue with e-readers.  My e-reader of choice is undoubtedly the Ipad4..  I can load books into the cloud or directly onto my ipad for reading pleasure. 

Just think of it, all the latest sci fiction  loaded onto a 14 ounce device. No more heavy backpacks or shelf cluttering books all over.  The cloud has become the library of the future. PLaces like and others gives you free access to all the sci fi and scinece books you could ever imagine. If you want newly released material you can always torrent the lates books  and periodicals  from the web. 

Another wayTrash is minimizing.

Monday, July 17, 2017

tiny home

Given my age and the health of both myself and Mrs Trash building a moveable tiny home from scratch is impossible. That is why we went looking for an alternative. Something already built with a floorplan we could enjoy for a long time. We settled for a 37 foot 5th wheel we aptly named Clara.

Clara is a dream come true as we no longer need to worry about where our retirement will be.  We can just hook it up to the truck and go. While I am still working we can rent a furnished residence for a few months, work, save some money and then hitch up and go elsewhere.  Right now we are looking at leaving Colorado before winter sets in and go somewhere warmer. If it doesnt work out not to worry we can always rent a place and put Clara in storage at 100 bucks a month.
A tad bit of security for our  senior years.

I dont know why I waited so long to do this since Mrs T and I were not enjoying the homestead we spent 13 years building. On some body else's land. Screw the societal norms.  For once we are enjoying some life while deciding where we want to go next.

We spent some time on Sunday clearing out one storage unit and moving the remainder into the larger unit we already have for the kids and our excess.  That will now save us a hundred dollars a month.  More money for the kitty.  Minimize and enjoy.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12 update

Its been just over a month since I last posted an update. Firstly I removed all those annoying ads from the blog.   That was a bother.

Secondly,  Clara is almost packed and our storage is pretty cleaned out. Bad Wolf has been enjoying the running up and down the freeway. She is getting about 20-22 miles per gallon.   Pretty sure that will drop  once Clara is hooked up .

Been watching RV videos on YouTube.  Funny thing is most of the vloggers have lots of money and backing.  Not like Trash,   Trash is a po old man  with a bit of ambition and guts.   As many of you know.  IF a quad bypass and then a stroke wont keep old Trash down neither will a few bucks and some security.

Picked up a couple of Yamaha generators and some accessories for Clara to make her fell homey wherever we are.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend frolic

We spent Friday evening in the dungeon eating Chubbys Mexican food with almost the whole family. Saturday we relaxed and went to the storage yard to load up the truck to move stuff to Clara.  Found our old Darth Vader helmet in storage so I just had to selfie.  
SUnday we slept in and drove BadWolf down to visit Clara and begin the loading process.  Afterward we went thriftinh at Goodwill after we had a taco bell lunch. I folloowed it up when we came home with one of these pure fruit coconut popsicles we bought. YUM.

Monday, May 22, 2017

flavored soda

We found these last weekend. From the makers of Henry Weinhardts beer comes hard soda.  We tried the Grap and the orange and both were sweet to the taste and at $9 a 6pack they wont break the bank, And better yet they wont affect my heart meds.  If drank in moderation.  3% alcohol content

Friday fun

Spent Friday afternoon with a good friend.  We drove up to Camping World Longmont to pick up the truck with its new Curt Q20 5th wheel hitch. They did a wonderful job.

While waiting for the paperwork to be processed we went a few miles up the road to Johnsons Corner for lunch. They are a truck stop RV stop just south of Loveland. The food was to die for. Given my heart condition I probably shoiuld not have had the chicken fried steak and eggs.  Today is Monday and I still feel full.

In order to exercies a bit we drove down the road to the LazyDays RV sales yard and drooled over the latest and greatest RV's and 5th wheels.

Down the road again we spotted this place. An RV park, RV Retreat, where we can pull in short or long term with full hookups, sewer and close enough to a bus line so I can still get downtown for the time being. I took several pics  around there so when I showed them to the wife that evening she decided she wanted to go up there, So Saturday afternoon we got the kids and took a drive.  The RV park met her approval and we will be making reservations for the month of July. 600 a month with all hookups.  Not a bad price and still close enough to Denver so I can get to work.

On the way home we spotted Vrain Lake Park and decided that this weekend we will take a drive there to scope it out as a potential weekend spot to test out the RV and work the quirks out of it and the truck . Easy pull thru spots and gorgeous scenery.  30 a night with hookups.  Great deal to break Clara in to the phamily.

Other than those events it was a quiet weekend. 


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wednesday update

Took BadWolf in to the shop to have his 5th wheel hitch installed.  It was a beautiful day so we took an Uber and then an RTD bus into Boulder to meet the daughter for lunch . Its always a fun time to enjoy the countryside between Longmont and BOulder. So much wide open space still.  

Too bad Boulder has gone conservative. Too many no smoking signs all over. But we got into Boulder and took the local bus over to the Bar daughter works at. It is a heavenly place with Grateful Dead ambience.   Enjoyed a gyro and brown ale for lunch.   Place called Bova's.  Not as good as Falafel King but its ok for a $3.99 Gyro.   And the owner uses a combination of lamb and beef to keep the cost down.

Anyhow it snowed overnight and now it is raining outside. Took the bus into work and, while enjoying the snow/rain, my hoodie got soaked on the way in. Alas it should be dry by this afternoon.
SO it can get wet again.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day recap

We finally decided on a name for the new rig. From now on the truck will be called BadWolf and the RV's monicker is Clara. Mrs Trash got a TARDIS hoodie and loung pants from me so she can be comfortable in Clara.

Mrs. Trash had a wonderful day. Relaxed at the rental and went out for seafood with the kids.  Went to Joe's Crab Shack  where we indulged in crabs and lobster while the kids ate chicken and salmon. Watching Mrs T cracks crab shells was hilarious.

We enjoyed the evening and our dessert indulgence before coming home and relaxing before bed. Another week begins.

In the schedule thus far besides work is the Wednesday install of the hitch on BadWolf.  SO he can then tow Clara. Much fun it is.

Friday, May 12, 2017

And yet another week...

This past week has been tedious to say the least. The wife had me out and about all last weekend doing this and that. So by the time Monday came around I had not gotten the rest that this heart patient needs. SO the week drew out.

The q20 5th wheel hitch finally arrived and will be installed next Wednesday. So we are moving closer to a maiden voyage with the RV.  Yes I am expecting quircks and glitches to be encountered but we can work thru them.  It will be worth it in the long run.  Even if I don't retire completely it will be nice to have the RV to escape to when necessary.

I spent some time this week looking at DSLR cameras as an alternative to the iphone 6s to capture even better photographs and return my interest in photography as a hobby.  One of my first ambitions in high school was a love of capturing images on film and using the trays to further enhance my images.  Black and white was always my favorite medium and I hope to return to it in the digital realm.  I am contemplating either the Nikon platform, as I have loved Nikon film cameras since I first picked up my Nikon F way back when.  I am also looking at the Canon rebel line  as it too brings back memories of several of my cameras and lenses. I have several 35mm Canons in storage  and would like that reliability again. But alas. ONly time will tell which one I will begin my DSLR adventures with.

This weekend we are going down to the storage yard to bring some items to the RV and begin prepping it internally.  Just a short trip this time to bring down a few items purchased to personalize it to the Trash phamily.  We then are going to take Mrs Trash out for a mothers Day brunch/ lunch .

I will try and provide some new pics shortly but I am still working on the transfer from iphone to blogger.

Wish me luck,

Friday, May 5, 2017

Another week coming to an end

Settling in to the basement for the second week. I refuse to get comfortable as I want to hit the road ASAP,

The 5th wheel hitch has been ordered and should be at the installer next week.  Step 2 complete.

Mrs T has been watching YouTube videos regarding RV life.  She is learning a lot and I am glad she is taking a serious interest in learning all the information and how to deal with potential crises that undoubtedly will occur.

Meanwhile I have been dealing with day time job and finding myself growing even less content with the scenario. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is a tad scary.  We grow comfortable in the habit of work and home. What happens when home takes precedent over work. The freedom it offers.

Along with the freedom comes the inevitable opportunity cost of not having the job paycheck to count on. Having to resell myself as an independent contractor on a full time basis is rough.. For as we all know a steadty stream of income is essential when on the road. Unless of course you married well or are a trust fund baby.. We arent.

We are two over the middle aged barrier lower class hermits venturing out on the open road in our truck and 5th wheel.  To ride into the sunset before the good lord takes us home. I pray every night that we are making the right choice. For there is no turning back. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walk Walk Walk

After the quad bypass almost 2 years ago the doctor recommended keeping up my regime of 2-3 miles a day walking..   Granted since selling the mobile I have not been doing that and my weight and blood thickness notices. As well as my doctor..

So as of this past weekend I am forcing myself to walk more. Yesterday it was 3 miles. Today the train was stuck so I hopped off and walked the rest of the way.  I stopped about half way thru the  1mile walk and snagged a Daz Bog coffee.. The KGBlend has a bit of a caffeine kick to it but I love the flavor. I can only drink it rarely due t the caffeine.

I also forget what I am missing when I walk . The sounds of nature, the open spaces,  the little, often unnoticeable sights and smells that only walking can bring.   I must force myself to continue my walking regime as the weight I have put on is not good for me.

I must also remember to photograph these sights more so my blog and my life  is not just a plethora of words on a screen.  It might take a while to get back into this habit but now that I have made myself aware of the issue I can work to correct.  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend from Hell

After deciding to move out of our extended stay hotel we chose to move into a duplex closer to downtown.  This move will save us about 1500 a month in lodging costs. Money we can use to prep the RV.  However  now we have to get up earlier in  the AM to get the kids to work and then me to my day job. 

I keep telling myself this is a temporary scenario  until the RV is set up and we can hit the road. First on short trips to work any kinks out of both the truck and the RV.  Moving day was not to fun as everyone wanted to drive.. The same old story.

Everything was loaded into the truck and we were off. It was easy to get it all into the duplex. Mrs T and I enjoyed the rest of the day watching TV and eating junk food while watching Doctor Who.

Sunday I had to run errands and take kid to work. FUn FUn . But alas I was able to watch BBC America for the afternoon. Followed up with a Duck Dynasty marathon.  Instant heaven. 
I cannot wait to hit the road as W Monroe Louisiana is on the bucket list of places we will be RVing to.

Friday, April 21, 2017

kids and driving: a nightmare

With all the struggles and challenges of changing our lifestyle it never occurred to me that having 3 kids at home ages 17,19 and 21 the idea of them driving and the constant nagging to get drive time experience is nerve wracking.  Gone are days when we had drivers ed taught to us in high school. PArents did not have to do anything but go with Junior to the DMV to get the permit  and the drivers ed instructor, usually an athletic coach did the hard job. When we completed the course at the end of the semester mom and dad  would take Junior to the DMV and wait patiently while they took their driving test.   LIFE was so much simpler then.

In todays world the kids bicker and nag every time a drive somewhere is needed. "Can I drive"  is the dreaded inquiry the parent gets.  When 3 kids start this at the same time  the notion of my patience wearing thin comes to the front.  And if you reluctanyl choose one the real fighting begins..  "Its not fair"  "Its favoritism"  or "its Bullshit you let her drive and not me"   What wonderful kids.  This is usually followed by me saying "F#ck it I am driving"  Makes almost any trip unbearable.   My favorite  response occurred the other night when my 21 year old avoided me completely and told her mother "Tell dad to let me drive". Mind you i was in the drivers seat at the time.  Clearly bypassing dad and beginning the trip with both mom and I facing unavoidable confrontation.

This entire scenario plays itself out like clockwork the moment I walk in the door after a full day at work and lasts at least the first few hours..  G-d how I miss the old days.. Has anyone else gone thru this scenario.

It makes me wonder what the fascination is with driving.. To me its an exercise in futility and an annoyance.  I prefer to walk, ride the bike or take a bus or Uber.  Less stress. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 and a change in lifestyle

After several long months of subdued activity I am almost ready to begin the new chapter in Living With Trashdigger.  SInce my heart surgery 2 years ago and my mini stroke several weeks ago the wife and I decided a change is needed. 
With the house sold we are taking the Trash phamily into a temporary retirement. We have acquired a used 1 ton truck and a 5th wheel as our home base and will later in the year begin enjoying the freedom of not having a brick and mortar residence any longer .   This has not been an easy time but the end of one life and beginning of another is near.
I will still maintain employment in both my regula job and build my other businesses to the point where I can work from the road, the lake, the beach or anywhere else.
I also will be updating my YT channel  to reflect the changes as time allows. 
Stay tuned...