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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
This blog documents my daily experiences with the rest of the world

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend from Hell

After deciding to move out of our extended stay hotel we chose to move into a duplex closer to downtown.  This move will save us about 1500 a month in lodging costs. Money we can use to prep the RV.  However  now we have to get up earlier in  the AM to get the kids to work and then me to my day job. 

I keep telling myself this is a temporary scenario  until the RV is set up and we can hit the road. First on short trips to work any kinks out of both the truck and the RV.  Moving day was not to fun as everyone wanted to drive.. The same old story.

Everything was loaded into the truck and we were off. It was easy to get it all into the duplex. Mrs T and I enjoyed the rest of the day watching TV and eating junk food while watching Doctor Who.

Sunday I had to run errands and take kid to work. FUn FUn . But alas I was able to watch BBC America for the afternoon. Followed up with a Duck Dynasty marathon.  Instant heaven. 
I cannot wait to hit the road as W Monroe Louisiana is on the bucket list of places we will be RVing to.

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