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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
This blog documents my daily experiences with the rest of the world

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday evening tireds

How quickly the weekend goes. I got some planting and transplanting done today before it got too hot. Mrs T started complainin about not havin the swamp cooler up and running and that it was too hot inside. Even though I usually wait til the first of Juky to turn it on and get it setup its only a week early. And it was 91 today.
So i stripped the feeders out and force cleaned them with a jet hose and ran some sanitizer thru the lines and feeder. I then cleaned the pump and got a new float unit at Lowes ans started her up . House is gettin cool
Mrs T is happy. I dont know but the heat doesnt really bother me as I am getting older. As long as you maintai your hydration level you temp will stay down and you can stay cool.
Hope yall had a good weekend. And back to Babylon tomorrow. The NAzis are comin in the morning to install a new water meter so I will be here until they have gone.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

summertime is busy-- time

I looked at the blog and realized that it has been a week since I last posted.. Babylon has been keeping me busy as has watering and weeding when i get home. Has not been much time for blogging.
But this morning I have been in the garden transplanting seedlngs, starting more seedlings and moving planters around. I even got a chance to mow the weeds down a bit to make the NAzis happier. The lettuces and radishes seem to like the new homes in the shadier area. They are thriving. Beans are coming in as are the cucumbers. The caging seems to have worked to keep the kittys out.
Food is an important essential to have and in order to have food you should be able to grow it. Growing food is like raising kids..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

whats a gas station

It has been months since I have had to go to the gas station. I finall had to go today. $1.50 in gas for the gas can.. Why you may ask. Because I needed to mow the lawn today. You know I gotta keep the neighborhood gestapo happy. So I went over and bough half a gallon which is good for a cuppla mows. It feels so exhilerating to not have to be dependent on that disensary.
Anyhow I have been working the garden this morning. The rain did wonders. everything is growing nicely. Even the cukes are beginning to pop up rom the ground after i put the protective cage over to keep the kittys out.
BTW the rose was the first in the yard and I always give Mrs T the first rose..

Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend repairs

I forgot to mention that on Friday when I came home, I had to run over to Lowes as we had sprung a leak at the water heater and I had to fix a leak. Well when I came home tonight I had another leak in the pex pipe that needed to be corrected. While I was under the house I ran a check on the water lines and lo and behold I found another leak right behind my office couch. I had smelled moisture recently but thought nothing of it. SO I pulled out the flash light and apparently one of the pex pipes in the hot water lines must have run a pin-hole spritzer over the last few weeks. Because there was quite a bit of moisture. Luckily Trash was able to cut the bad section and reattach the line at no cost except my time. I love plumbing. With pex pipe it is so much easier tha using copper. Granted repairs are more frequent but they are inexpensive.
Anyhow this is the end of another day at the Trash Phamily Pharm. Good night all.

MOnday morning...back to Babylon

I spent the weekend working on cleaning up the garden to make it pretty for the Gestapo. I still got lots of work to do and I want to get some more medicinals for the front beds. I saw some potentials specimens on my walkabouts (yarrow, phlox, etc). I will have to bring my shovel with me and snag some samples in the evening on the way home. I bought seven more tomatoes this past weekend and the Jalapeno seeds I harvested last weekend from the organics I got at the farmers market are nice and dry and now they are enveloped. I will plant a few testers in the next few days. Took the kids for a swim yesterday and washed my drawers and a shirt in the chlorine water.. Better than a washing machine. And more earth friendly.
I will never understand why people feel that in order to get clean they must use a washer dryer. Our forefathers didn’t. They used a bucket and some lye soap and hung the clothes out to dry. Granted they only had a few garments but that is all that is necessary anyhow.
It has now been two weeks that I have been sleeping in the man-cave as Mrs T likes to call it. Living in my lab. It’s a plain life breathing fresh air and waking to the sounds of birds and kitties. Simple life. I only wish the winters were not so chilly so I could do it during the winter months also. Anyhow I am hoping to get over to Whole Foods this week . Simple foods to accommodate a simple life. Oops I forgot to grab my dumpie found veggies for lunch today. Oh well I will have to take a walkabout over to the store to get some fresh veggies/ fruit for lunch. As I said simple.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday finds at the freegan market

Had to go front door shopping over at the Safie way and the liquot store for a few things. I figured i would do a bit of backdoor shopping as it was still early. a pound of over-ripe limes, 2 lbs of organic carrots and a cuppla onions.. good catch, There was some meat and dip but with the heat yesterday, I wasnt going to risk it. But veggies are the shiznit. And the carrot greens go good in a salad. It always gets me because any time you buy carrots the greens are usually cut off before packaging.. The greens are good for ya.
UPDATE: I just added a bunch of pics of the gardens. Have a look here

Sunday video blog post

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday meandering

While the week in Babylon keeps me busy and coming home to work on the garden and the 'stead keeps me real busy I should have time for a video tomorrow. Today I planted some borage and 7 more tomato plants. I also transplanted some spinach and some corn starters. Wont the gestapo love me.. Alas I gotta feed the family.
I also transplanted a cuppla sunflowers that survived the slaughter and placed them in a new bed for the birds to enjoy. Sunflowers, birdseed tray etc. I also loaded it up with some green bean seeds for the friends to enjoy. I hope to throw a cuppla zuchs in there to fill it out. A mass for the birds.
I have enjoyed and shared the first two dozen radishes of the season and after adding some fresh compost to the soil I planted another round. Also had to thin out some lettuces and spinach to a shadier area so the grow better. I love greens. And pretty soon we will be able to start enjoying fresh veggies.. yumm yumm. Gardens are to shared with all creatures.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First homegrown meal of the season

fresh greens salad, onions, green onions and rdish greens along withe these babies. I love Fench Breakast radishes.. and all homegrown

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Resistance is Fertile for Urban Homesteaders

Bad week

As some of you know that follow old Trash on FB this last week has been annoying to say the least. Definitely a Memorial week. Apparently the neighborhood NAZI patrol took it into there whim to come into my yard and trim indiscreetly anything they didnt deem landscape worthy.. ie columbines, sunflowers, Mums that reseeded from last year , basil and soome lettuces and phlox. hmmm I guess stuff that grows naturally is considered weed whaxk material.. Wonderful society we live in. However, the positive of all this is they left the debris in the yard and it will make good compost material for the new bed. Alas.
As for the new experiments.. I had never tried to do eggplant before , mainly because i dont really like it. But Mrs T does so I created a bed of it just for her and the 1st seedling came up.. This morning there are two .. Hopefully my lizard statue will keep the aminals away and let them thrive. We shall see.
There wont be a video this Sunday as Trash is doing some maintenance projects at the stead. Summertime is always busy for me and with this setback it may take some longer time. But I will be back to doing homemade videos as the season progresses.
Resistance is fertile.. We are URBAN HOMESTEADERS..