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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bad week

As some of you know that follow old Trash on FB this last week has been annoying to say the least. Definitely a Memorial week. Apparently the neighborhood NAZI patrol took it into there whim to come into my yard and trim indiscreetly anything they didnt deem landscape worthy.. ie columbines, sunflowers, Mums that reseeded from last year , basil and soome lettuces and phlox. hmmm I guess stuff that grows naturally is considered weed whaxk material.. Wonderful society we live in. However, the positive of all this is they left the debris in the yard and it will make good compost material for the new bed. Alas.
As for the new experiments.. I had never tried to do eggplant before , mainly because i dont really like it. But Mrs T does so I created a bed of it just for her and the 1st seedling came up.. This morning there are two .. Hopefully my lizard statue will keep the aminals away and let them thrive. We shall see.
There wont be a video this Sunday as Trash is doing some maintenance projects at the stead. Summertime is always busy for me and with this setback it may take some longer time. But I will be back to doing homemade videos as the season progresses.
Resistance is fertile.. We are URBAN HOMESTEADERS..


Anonymous said...

who comes into your yard and does this? I would shoot anybody that thought they had the right to cut anything in my yard.What these self-rightous bastards need is a good ass whupping.

Muddome said...

Someone came into your yard and destroyed your property? That is un-friggin-believable. These are probably the kind of ass-clowns that will poison everything in their own yards to 'protect' the useless grass while lettuce is two bucks a head and rising.
Bad news indeed Trash. It makes me feel like a cat that's been pet 'backwards'.