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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday evening tireds

How quickly the weekend goes. I got some planting and transplanting done today before it got too hot. Mrs T started complainin about not havin the swamp cooler up and running and that it was too hot inside. Even though I usually wait til the first of Juky to turn it on and get it setup its only a week early. And it was 91 today.
So i stripped the feeders out and force cleaned them with a jet hose and ran some sanitizer thru the lines and feeder. I then cleaned the pump and got a new float unit at Lowes ans started her up . House is gettin cool
Mrs T is happy. I dont know but the heat doesnt really bother me as I am getting older. As long as you maintai your hydration level you temp will stay down and you can stay cool.
Hope yall had a good weekend. And back to Babylon tomorrow. The NAzis are comin in the morning to install a new water meter so I will be here until they have gone.

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