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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
This blog documents my daily experiences with the rest of the world

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

an interesting pic

This is an interesting depiction of what Jesus might look like today among us.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday morning video post

I am still finnagling with this Frankenputer and the sound quality.. Hope it is not to unbearable. I am working on it

Sunday, December 26, 2010

old reliable

Thanx to my daughter, old reliable (my ancient 20gb ipod photo with the new battery I scavenged)now has some new headphones. The original MAC ones konked out years ago and I have been using $1.97 walmart specials since then. Apparently daughter "found" some somewhere and wrapped them in a nice box for dear ol Trash.. Many thanx.. I will use them proudly..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas morning roundup

The morning started off pretty hectic but settled down as the morning wore on. I took a dumpie walk over to the Walgreens to get some bread and on the way checked out the dumpies. Apparently someone didnt like the GOdiva peppermint mocha coffee because I found a bag unopened back in a dumpie.. Grabbed it and continued on. Got the bread and came back. By then the kids were ready to open the goodies. Everyone seems happy. I made a pot of the coffee nd added a tad of the Kahlua creamer.. Hit the spot. I got a new wallet, a new thermal cap, a coffee mug, and a new pair of Ipod headphones for old reliable.. NOt a bad take.
BTW its 55 degrees and sunny here in the Rockies

Merry Xmas y'all

a nice peaceful morning at the 'stead. Hope y'all are havin a relaxing day.
Ham and taters and veggies and cheesecake for supper this evening

Friday, December 24, 2010

morning collecting

A few days ago when I posted about the free grubbins I picked up I also grabbed a few goodies to bring home at a later date. Well this morning I grabbed em and brought em home. Well one of the items, the lamp. The other item was purchased for $5 by a gut who just had to have it.. A plastic steerhead. Do we all remember reading by these little beauties I sure do. With a little cleanup and a new whick it will work just fine.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Babylon is closed.. Come back next year

Well today at about 4 pm, the bosses said that Babylon is now officially closed for the semester break.. It happens every year and we get the week between Xmas and New Years off as Admin leave (paid). In reverence we give up the smaller holidays during theyear.. que sera sera. I made a few extra bucks this week settin up machines for the co-workers little kids and teenagers. Apparently mom and dad cant/ dont have time to get the new machines ready for under the xmas tree. So Trash can add a few bucks to the cigarette and booze fund for the holiday week. And share it with the Mrs and the kids with some unexpected crap under the festivus pole (clearance rack tree we have had about 10 years now.
One of the poor kids had probs with his machine during finals week and asked if i coulod fix. I said of course. He said he couldnt pay until after the holidays I said the cost of the repair is a cuppla packs of smokes. They showed up today also.
Darn good as I was down to the last couple.
Anyhow I hope to be able to get a cuppla videos up this next week. The weather is supposed to be almost Springtime here in the Rockies. 40s and 50s during the day and DRY

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video is back

Enjoy. I still have some quircks to work out but alas.. Some Trash is better than no Trash.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

the dumpie bike and garden update

the compost bin cooking nicely

squash patch with new dirt and coffee grinds thrown on top

And of course old reliable dumpie bike.. If the grid goes down I still have transportation and even if it doesn't I will always have a way to get stuff

Friday, December 17, 2010

abstract and still life

taken with the cameraphone

camera phones are your friend

After spending years using my 35mm film camera arrays, and having been hounded by an old buddy with regards to the wonders of digital image making I had finally invested in an old Olympus digital camera to experiment with. The price was right, FREE, bar for the cost of batteries. Having grown accustomed to it and also wanting to experiment with the candidness of on the fly digital cameras I invested $18 for the above camera phone. They offered 10 bucks in airtime with the phone so it was a good deal. The phone also has bluetooth capability so it can transfer the pics to either my netbook or my MAC with the push of the connect button.
The fat that it is almost 3 megapixels is quite a feet and it is a flip design which makes it even better to fit in my pocket for spontaneous useage. I have it set for 640x480 resolution which is quite good for print and web .

Dumpie find Friday

Nice additions to my lunches..and reserves. And they are frozen due to the 20 degrees overnight..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday eve

Friday is almost here. Spent most of the day correcting errors in the lab and on other machines. NOt the worst I have ever see but not the easiest to remove.
I have seen worse on Jrs machine but he makes them simple to remove.
Anyhow another holiday party tomorrow afternoon and then off for the weekend.
More goodies to take home for the Mrs and the kiddies. I love the hoiday season

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SNOW and I missed it

We apparently got about 30-40 minutes of snow this afternoon at the homestead and i missed it. It was nothing more than damp roads and wet grass by the time I got home. Oh well. There is always next time. At least it is cooler this evening. IN the 30s.. YEA

evening in the lab

I spent last evening in the lab working on a cuppla side projects and wishing that Frolympia would get back onine sao I could listen to the kids show on Tuesday nights. Alas it still is not up. I hope he reads this.
Anyhow I deep froze the carrots and corn I picked up from the dumpie and put away the assorted hand tools I acquired also.
I brought home some leftover sweets for the kids and Mrs T from the Babylonian holiday gathering. A joyous time was had however the crowd was too big for my claustrophobia.
I sure hope that they give us some room when they tag us for the FEMA camps

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

stupid people moving on

Came across a family moving on the other night to a new abode and yet they leave the food from their fridge and freezer outside for the trashman.. Why would they do that? I talked to them and they are moving in town. SO why dont they take there grub. Who knows.
But alas, I took some of the frozen veggies home and put them in the freezer for our useage. CArrots, Corn on the cob and more squash.. Good stuff

Sunday, December 12, 2010

webcam is a goner

So unless I can fix it or acquire another one reasonably or cheap. The SUnday video will be down for an extended time as I cant afford one immediately. Hope y'all dont leave me cause I will continue to make this blog better and better. Here is my shadow in the ground

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Camo and blue jeans are staples

Walked over to Walmart for pickles. Picked up a belt and suspenders (both camo)for $3 a piece. All hunting apparel on sale for good prices.. Time to stock up.
Camo is your friend

Friday, December 10, 2010

sunrise pics

Seeing things like this in the early morning makes the day just a little bit better

Busy week in Babylon

Besides being busy in Babylon I have also been busy at the stead and on side projects. Tuesday night I had to do a repair job on one of the connectors to the water heater as it had sprung a leak. Than I still have not been able to get a stable working build of Win 7 on my netbook. The webcam seems to conflict with the Bluetooth on the USB port. I have also been working on side projects keeping me in smokes, booze, free lunch and of course some cash. It all comes in handy around this time of year.
Mrs T and I found a new Dollar store which we fond some real cool stuff for a buck. We are thinking of doing a dollar store Xmas this year for fun.
Hopefully I will be able to get a webcam up for the weekend message. Hers to hoping it works.

gramma and the TSA ( a funny video)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

crucifix in the sky

I really dont know how to explain it, but this is what I saw in the sky this morning. They were not crossing entrail because they crucifix was clear

Sunday, December 5, 2010

weekend post of pics

I have been real busy this weekend enjoying the nature around us. I have taken some pics and will share them with y'all instead of the video. Hopefully a video will occur during the week.
But unti then. Enjoy
BTW I found these at the WallyWorld yesterday.. I hear that they are good is soups.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

sunny days and cold beer

The last 2 days have been warm and dry up here at 5280. Holiday gathering(party) season has begun. And so has the leftover goodies coming home to the 'stead. On Thursday we had cake and ice cream for a colleague who was leaving. I brought home a cuppla pieces of cake and 4 gallons of good ice cream. 1 gallon of vanilla and a full 3 gallon tub of chocolate. That will be more than enough to last a cuppla weeks. Yesterday as a good deed one of my colleagues who do some work for brought me a 1 pound hamburger with all the accutriments and a large order of green chili fries. While I had alreadeosdy eaten lunch I refrigerated it and brought it home to the missus. Then in the afternoon we had one of many holiday gatherings and I was able to grab some leftover rasberry cheesecake slices, brownies, cookies and of course a free poinsettia plant.. Sugar high abound.
Anyhow it appears that for some reason the Bluetooth adapter and the internal camera on the netbook do not cooperate with each other very well. So while I work out the kinks I wil be using another machine for bluetooth and savoring this one for the weekly videos and daily updates. Hope y'all dont mind

Friday, December 3, 2010

morning sky at the 'stead

MOrnings have been beautiful this week and the camera phone has been working over time..

Monday, November 29, 2010

Trash sons band

Trash son is the one in the poncho..and beard

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday video

Compost creation is one of your most valuable assets and resources you have for controlling the soil to which the food you grow depends. Build it consistently. DO NOT throw stuff away that you can use in the gardens. It is like throwing money down the drain or directly into your trash bin.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

bluetooth phone upload for pics

I knew the phone and netbook had bluetooth capability and was wondering why it was not working. When I moved to Win 7 it now worked easily. 2 pics taken this afternoon and the one with the snow was taken during the last snow. Expecting some more within the next few days.

new video

I still have a few quircks to work out in the cam but it is up an running. Hop y'all had a good turkey day and comments are always welcome.

Updated lab to Win 7 and Ubuntu

spent the morning updating the PC computers in the lab to Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10 to able to add new features.  It takes some time however I will add a video  either later today or tomorrow.

Friday, November 26, 2010

the garage studio

Enjoying the 50s and working in the studio

Buy nothing DAy

Turkey day went along smoothly this year with the early start by Mrs T and the kids getting involved in pre-making the pies, horsdoerves, and prepping the taters and stuffing the day before. All Mrs T had was the prep of her famous roast turkey. Dinner as usual took place around 630 with all 3 kids and the cats/dog and birds hungrily feasting. Mrs T and headed off to tryptophan slumber while the 2 younger kids played monopoly til they tired and went off to bed.
Got up about 8 this morning for coffee and toast before retiring again til almost noon. And a day after brunch of turkey and dressing and coffee. Then out here to the studio. Almost 50 degrees this afternoon and sunny. A beautiful day indeed.
Hope yours went as well also.
update (afternoon walk find of 2 topsy turvy tomato planters for next spring with what appears to be good compost soil.) Will walk again later to the rest of the neighborhood for more "finds"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday morning on the way to Babylon

And i thoroughly enjoy the urban art we see on the way. The orange cap was found at a bus stop a few years ago and got pulled out this morning for the wind on my ears

Monday, November 22, 2010

Back to Bablyon

It was a very busy weekend around the stead preppin for the holiday season. I also had several outside projects for clieints that needed finishing. Mrs T had me running all kind of chores and stuff. Must have put about 15 miles or so on the bike this weekend. Anyhow I didnt get to do a video as I had planned. But alas we have a long weekend coming up so I will prob get around to doing at least one or 2.
THe turkey and all the trimmings are ready to go and Mrs T and the juniors arew gettin antsy for the bird.. As are the cats and parrots.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday morning

Slept a tad better last night. Not as warm. Came out early this morning and upgraded the Netbook with some junk parts I scavenged. The RAM is now doubled and I have an extra hard drive for adding more junque (ie stuff). I also came across some carcasses and parts to build a Frankenlaptop for the wife. Wont she be surprised when its done.
ROFL. It will be better than the one she had before it bit the dust. Alas.

Friday, November 12, 2010

the electric bike hacker

An interesting article on the movement towards e-bikes and hacking/ converting your personal bike. While I prefer pedal power alone on my bike due to the non trusting of the electrical grid I give these inventive minds a one-up..
While some sort of auto-powering is worthwhile as I get older I would personally use a small gas/ ethanol motor for assistance if I were to want this availability and have a need for it. I have seen several of these and have thought of a conversion for the dumpie bike as time allows. But alas one of the many yet unstarted projects that Trash has contemplaed
Check out the article here and then check out this video for what I am also contemplating

free Turkey day stuff

While I went to a wellness faire on Tuesday, Trash signed up for a door prize raffle on the way in. I also gathered a recycled shopping bag with gobs of freeebies and schwag snacks, pens, trinkets etc to bring home. Yesterday I was informed that I had won one of the door prizes (a $25 gift card to King Soopers grocery store)
It just so happens that tomorrow (saturday) between 12-5 our local KS is having a pre-holiday open house with door prizes, free snacks and giveaways..
Guess where I will will be going. Front door shopping for Thanksgiving dinner using the gift card and snagging anything I can.
Even though it is expeced to be a cooler day I will def be able to take the dumpie bike over to pick up the goodies.
I checked on the greens that I moved onto the porch and into the garage studio and they are doing ok. Darn will I ever be able to not have collards, mustards, and lettuce.. I know I should not complain because braised greens with onions is wonderful.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

first snow at the stead

real light. and not real cold. But its nice.. Sausage and fried taters for supper. Neighbor brought us some onions and cabbages. Yummy.
Hope all is well with yall

Sunday, November 7, 2010

a new addition to the garage studio

This afternoon I rearranged the garage studio to accomodate a small couch that was removed from the main house, for more comfortable working. I can now lie down while writing or producing. Makes for a more comfortable environment. I also snagged on to an old square dog cage for storage and to use as a coffee table to rest my beer, drink, ashtray etc on.

Living simply

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the Holiday season is coming

And its been in the 50s to 70s during the day and down to the 30s at night.. good sleeping weather but lousy for growing. The greens are still producing but will prob only last a few more weeks. We are using the squash and fruits from the summer.
But alas they will need to be replenished come spring with a bigger crop. The side biz is slowing down so I have more free time on my hands to get some other chores and work done.
Hopefully the side biz's will pick up so I can use the proceeds tograb some new goodies for the holidays kids treats. We shall see. The kids are already giving ol Trash the lists of stuff they would like to see. At least its early enough to try and obtain.
Anyhow the turkeys sre on sale now at between 5 to 8 bucks so wilol be grabbing a few for the freezer. And the biggest one will be used for Tgiving. I love that part .
The pumpkins from Hallows eve will be diced and pureed this weekend for pie and bread thru the holidays. Anyhow hope all is well with y'all.
We will talk this weekend. I am in the garage studio working on some projects for clients. As always comments are appreciated.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday video

As usual comments and suggestions are always welcome..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday morning

WELL the Babylonian hallows eve party was fun. I snagged about 3 dozen leftover cupcakes, about 4 pounds of fresh jalapeno and habanero peppers and 2 medium large pumpkins that were not used. The ice cream and candy were all snagged before i could make a take home goodie bag. Anyhow the pumpkins were de-seeded and carved when i got home by the kids. The seeds are drying out and then they will be roasted. The peppers will be frozen for winter use and after Halloween the pumpkins will be cubed and blanched for cholent or blended/pureed for pumpkin pie and bread.. As Trash always says take advantage of all the opportunities to grab the excesses of others for your useage.

I went outside this morning to the outdoor office.I also put the tomato pots to bed by dumping the soil into the compost bin and any old fruit was removed from the stems and also added to the compost pile. Apparently the cold weather did a little damage to the greens but i think this warm up will bring them back, which is good cause I hate paying for lettuce. And besides mine tastes better.
As for last evening the kids wanted burgers so i went by bike over to the liquor store for beer, wine and smokes and then over to Wallie and got a 12 pack of coke before heading over to Carls Jr for burgers and fries. Mrs T and the son want the $6 bacon guacamole burgers and the girls wanted the Big Carls. I had the Philly steak burger and no fries with a beer. Good stuff.

Friday, October 29, 2010

spring weather returns

at least for the next week its supposed to be in the 70's.. Excellent for the weekend. I hope they are right as I have a lot of outdoor projects to dabble with.
I am also hoping to put together a halloween video but we shal see.
Hope all is well with y'all

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the wind storm we got

Thank the good lord CO was only getting the back end of this.. My prayers go out to those who got worse.
Is this a sign of things to come. Check out this article

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

midweek update

didnt get much sleep the last cuppla nights as the wind was going crazy here at the stead. But now it is over and the rest of the week is supposed to warm up and we are supposed to have nice weather. Babylon has been going nut as well aas I have been doing some supplementary work on machines to make a few extra bucks.
In order to provide extra funding for the winter projects and expenses.
Tonight we are experiencing and the kids are able to watch streaming tv and education shows on there machines whether they are on hard wire or wireless. good stuff and educational.They love this new feature. Time to ditch tvs.. haha yeah right, How else would i be able to watch my old vhs tapes.
How are y'all doing?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday update

Relaxing day at the 'stead.
Tuna sandies for lunch today. On Wheat bread with mayo and lettuce and tomatoes fresh picked from the garden right before being washed and sliced.
Took a walk this afternoon and was able to forage about 5 pounds of beautiful red apples off the tree in the empty lot in the neighborhood. As I said this morning, keep your eyes opened to the bounty in front of you.

Sunday video

Sorry for missing last weekend but was real busy. Hope all is well. As always comments and opines are welcome

compost is your friend

As the fall leaves are falling and the summer garden should be cleaned up, its now time to start working on the new compost pile for next spring.. Here at the 'stead we have several large s pound plastic coffee cans inside and a couple of 5 gallon tomato planters close to the front deck and out along the side of the garage. If it gets too cold and snowy to go out to the big 50 gallon tumbler we can still move the ingredients from the filled coffee cans to the tomato planters until a time whereby we can walk out to the gig tumbler.Always keeping room in the cans for more ingredients.
At the beginning of fall I empited the summer compost into the beds and turned it in for the winter dampness to get the soil ready for next spring.
While it is still dry I also sprinkle coffee compost tea onto the lettuce plants and the root veggies so we keep them well fed and producing.
Be on the lookout now also for those leaves. They make great mulch material for your beds and a few bags of drying decaying leaves are also good for your compost pile. And dont forget to feed them an occasional shot of nitrogen piss when your beer is ready to be exhumed.. Your spring garden will be thankful

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

eat locally, hunger not

At this time of year the summer produce starts going up in rice because they have to ship it in. Why bother apples pears, and other fruits are just as tasty and in season. Same with lettuces, cabbages, greens and root veggies. Eat em up. Stock up on em.
One of the things we have learned over the years is eat in season. Beef, turkey and pawk are all cheap right now.
Stock up on the clearance aisles and just expired aisle for freezer delicacies. Even check the backdoor shoppin opportunities as they continue to grow. Prepare now so you arent hungry later.
We have also discovered the Dollar Store for great deals on assorted stuff for the pantry, the freezer and the sweet tooth.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday video

Back to the beginning

In the beginning--
Remember that . The beginning of the bible. God created the environment perfectly in balance.. And lastly G-d created man and woman to have dominion..To be like the shepard. To nurture the land and to benefit from its abundance..
The year is now 2010. Man and woman have taken Gods gardens and fucked em up. The environment is polluted and becoming unsustainable for man and animal to thrive. Yet there are a few of us who have back-slidden on modernity and are attempting to plant the seed for the future by reclaiming a little piece of gods garden and nurturing it back to life and prospering from its harvest. And our numbers are growing. Than God.
Living simply is not an easy path. Nothing of true value is easy. But its gets simpler the more you endure the hardships and nurture the environment.
Composting, wasting limited and natural fertilization will help turn your little piece of the garden return to its original state. One plot at a time.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another week gone by.

Either I am getting really busy or I am forgetting to post on a daily basis. Propba combo of the 2. Another birthday this week. The youngest Trash turned 11 this past Wed and today Mrs T took him on a trip to the zoo.. funfun.
Meanwhile Babylon has benn crazy. Senility is setting in where noone rememb ers anything that has happened or their consequences.. ha ha. I have benn finishing up putting the summer garden to be. I pulled a few tomatos off of the vines this morning for mater sandies with collard green lettuce. This evening daughter made some homemade chicken chili for supper. Darn good.
Helped the neighbor woman replace some trim on her home that had rotted thru and added some flashing to cover it and keep it dry. After the work she offered homemade caramel apple pie and coffee (I had water). darn good.
BUt alas its Friday eve and its beautiful here at the stead and I am relaxing outside.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday video

Sunday morning calmness

the leaves are turning and they are falling. What a beautiful site. All thoses free compost ingredients.
It is even sprinkling this morning out here in the studio. Gotta love it. the greens are well and almost ready to start harvesting for salads..

Friday, October 8, 2010

How quick the week went by

Its Friday already and I havent posted since MOnday.. Oh well. Tha Assclowns down in Babylon dont seem to understand that money is tight.. They are spending it like water.. Much like the couple who indebt themselves right before they lose their jobs. And then say screw the bills.. hahah.
Anyhow the week was pretty uneventful.. Did some sideline work and relaxed a bit. October is like a winding down time here at the stead. The garde is prtty much harvested and the greens are growinf nicely. We finally had a cuppla light rains to drench the garden and get it prepped for winter sleep. Gotta grab some more mulch.
Going to take it easy this weekend as I strained something in my back this morning ion Babylon and I dont wanna stress it to much.
I will be doing a video for Sunday. Any suggestions on what we should discuss. Gimme a comment or 2 on what you would like to hear about..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday morning frolic

48 degrees this morning when i awoke and made coffee. Had to wait until almost 10 before I could water the ground and work in the garden. To pass thei time I processed a few zuchs and squash for the deep freeze and also gave the green onions, chives and the lemon thyme a little haircut for preservation. The smell of onions and lemon is wonderful. I am also at the short harvest time for lettuce that i planted from the seed pods in the video I shot a while back.. Its nice and tender due to the cooler weather. I think this weekend I will take some pics of the lettuce and greens that are still thriving in October. It has been a few weeks that I have had to buy lettuce since the kids ate it up the last harvest..
As I said its a learning device as to what the kids will enjoy that the Trash garden provides. I am also in the pro9cess of cleaning out the dehydrator for fall useage.

September harvest totals
15 pounds of foraged plums (more coming and still freezing)
20 pounds foraged apples (more coming)
5 pounds of tomatos
15 pounds of squash
10 pounds of cukes
how are you guys doing?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday evening

The week has been long already. Daughters birthday was last evening. Homemade green chili burritos, tostadas and from scratch cupcake tiered. Just as she wanted. Its been real warm out here almost 80-90 during the day and down into the 40 in the night.. FAll is coming.. Hopefully soon.
Anyhow this weekend we will be taking about gardening, dumpstering in the fall /winter, the Discovery channel survivor shows, and of course the assclowns in guvt who still seem to think we can spend out way out of this Depression.. Stay tuned..

Monday, September 20, 2010

1st video from the indoor studio

the indoor studio in rough form

With fall and winter coming I needed t ose tup a place indoors where I can work on the blogs, videos etc.What better space than the garage. So I making headway into setting up a portable lab out there and decorating it in early geek..
Enjoy. I will take more pics when i make room for the woodstove and a couch or better easy chair.

Sunday memories

While I did not do a video yesterday I was busy working on the garden and working on the enclosure of the carport/garage and beginning the work of weather proofing it so I can use it as a winter mancave/studio. Using recycled and found lumber and hardware makes the project a labor of love and hones the scavenging skills necessary to survive and thrive on the excesses of others. I will do a video from the new studio/mancave as time permits. However I need to getit ready this fall. The fireplace needs to be installed and a flue found for warmth during the cold winter months.
I pitted and sliced all but a few pounds of the plums and placed them in the deep freeze. I also found a recipe yesterday for grilled apples, which I experimented with last night as we grilled some hot dogs and polish sausage with some some summer squash on the charcoal grill last evening.
It was so warm we sat outside at the picnic table and ate then moved the conversation to the porch where we relaxed until after midnight. Needless to say I did not wake in time for work this morning so I took a day off to get some more work done..
Tis a beautiful MOnday morning at the homestead..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

living outside the box

an interesting video on the endless possibilities

fruit foraging

For weeks now I have been foraging in a cuppla vacant lots in the neighborhood and providing plums and apples for the kids and for snacks in Babylon. This morning I figured I would share them with the readership.. Enjoy.

Sunday morning dumpie finds

I love the beginning of fall. So much good garden stuff finds to be had .. for free.