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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday video

Compost creation is one of your most valuable assets and resources you have for controlling the soil to which the food you grow depends. Build it consistently. DO NOT throw stuff away that you can use in the gardens. It is like throwing money down the drain or directly into your trash bin.

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Allison said...

Hey Trash. We try to waste as little as possible, but what we don't consume goes first to the chickens (about 85%) of our food waste etc. The rest goes straight to the compost bins, coffee grounds, onion skins, etc. We have a three bin system and we also have a compost tumbler. I also use any leftover cold coffee to water my climbing rose, seems to love it and I try to use some of my water from cooking to water houseplants, plants outside on the deck etc. when I remember to. Of course we have plenty of chicken and rabbit manure to toss into the pile too. Hoping to produce alot of compost for the Spring as we are enlarging our garden beds. Anyway that's how we do it around here.