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Thursday, November 4, 2010

the Holiday season is coming

And its been in the 50s to 70s during the day and down to the 30s at night.. good sleeping weather but lousy for growing. The greens are still producing but will prob only last a few more weeks. We are using the squash and fruits from the summer.
But alas they will need to be replenished come spring with a bigger crop. The side biz is slowing down so I have more free time on my hands to get some other chores and work done.
Hopefully the side biz's will pick up so I can use the proceeds tograb some new goodies for the holidays kids treats. We shall see. The kids are already giving ol Trash the lists of stuff they would like to see. At least its early enough to try and obtain.
Anyhow the turkeys sre on sale now at between 5 to 8 bucks so wilol be grabbing a few for the freezer. And the biggest one will be used for Tgiving. I love that part .
The pumpkins from Hallows eve will be diced and pureed this weekend for pie and bread thru the holidays. Anyhow hope all is well with y'all.
We will talk this weekend. I am in the garage studio working on some projects for clients. As always comments are appreciated.

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