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Friday, October 8, 2010

How quick the week went by

Its Friday already and I havent posted since MOnday.. Oh well. Tha Assclowns down in Babylon dont seem to understand that money is tight.. They are spending it like water.. Much like the couple who indebt themselves right before they lose their jobs. And then say screw the bills.. hahah.
Anyhow the week was pretty uneventful.. Did some sideline work and relaxed a bit. October is like a winding down time here at the stead. The garde is prtty much harvested and the greens are growinf nicely. We finally had a cuppla light rains to drench the garden and get it prepped for winter sleep. Gotta grab some more mulch.
Going to take it easy this weekend as I strained something in my back this morning ion Babylon and I dont wanna stress it to much.
I will be doing a video for Sunday. Any suggestions on what we should discuss. Gimme a comment or 2 on what you would like to hear about..

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Allison said...

Just curious if you have any "alternative" energy type systems in place or what your thoughts are regarding that. Electricity is my biggest prepping concern where I live, our costs are skyrocketing. We do heat mostly with wood and an additional pellet stove already, not so much concerned about that as just concerned about future electricity for lights, computers, etc. Thinking about experimenting with some small solar, etc but don't know much about it and the $$$ may be too much at this time. Just wondering if you have tried anything like that in the past and ideas on where to get free/cheap materials to experiment with. Maybe you could talk about that subject. Have a good day.