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Sunday, October 24, 2010

compost is your friend

As the fall leaves are falling and the summer garden should be cleaned up, its now time to start working on the new compost pile for next spring.. Here at the 'stead we have several large s pound plastic coffee cans inside and a couple of 5 gallon tomato planters close to the front deck and out along the side of the garage. If it gets too cold and snowy to go out to the big 50 gallon tumbler we can still move the ingredients from the filled coffee cans to the tomato planters until a time whereby we can walk out to the gig tumbler.Always keeping room in the cans for more ingredients.
At the beginning of fall I empited the summer compost into the beds and turned it in for the winter dampness to get the soil ready for next spring.
While it is still dry I also sprinkle coffee compost tea onto the lettuce plants and the root veggies so we keep them well fed and producing.
Be on the lookout now also for those leaves. They make great mulch material for your beds and a few bags of drying decaying leaves are also good for your compost pile. And dont forget to feed them an occasional shot of nitrogen piss when your beer is ready to be exhumed.. Your spring garden will be thankful

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