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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday evening

The week has been long already. Daughters birthday was last evening. Homemade green chili burritos, tostadas and from scratch cupcake tiered. Just as she wanted. Its been real warm out here almost 80-90 during the day and down into the 40 in the night.. FAll is coming.. Hopefully soon.
Anyhow this weekend we will be taking about gardening, dumpstering in the fall /winter, the Discovery channel survivor shows, and of course the assclowns in guvt who still seem to think we can spend out way out of this Depression.. Stay tuned..

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callmeacynic said...

Fall is coming. I went out last night and rigged up some plastic tarps for the bell peppers I planted late. Much to my surprise, there's about 5 teeny-weeny little peppers on there. Hoping for enough to get some peppers ut of it, and enough seeds for spring.

Warm enough during the day, but it is getting a tad chili (get it, chili for the peppers) at night.

My wayward pot of miscellaneous seeds are doing well too. Bell peppers, lettuce, and some hot peppers. Kinda tight in there, but I am hoping they hang in there for a spring planting. I will bring them in and put next to the window and the worm compost.

Worm composting is going gang busters. That is some really rich soil. wow!