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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trash transportation

These are the preferred methods of transport around the 'stead. I have a converted bike trailer for hauling..It makes life so much easier.... and its better for you healthwise.


Allison said...

I was just wondering if you were part of any "freegan" group? Also, how often would you say that you hit the dumpie? and what time of day do you go. It seems the freegans perfer the night, etc. I am in a rural area so I am not sure how productive I could be with the limited amount of shopping here. I have done some "curb shopping" on occasion though on trash day. Just curious. Also, I'm jealous of your dumpie bike.. I need one but have been too tight to "purchase" one. :)

Trashdigger said...

thanx for commenting. the dumpie bike was built for me from parts from a bike recycler here in town, Except for tires and hardware the bike was free.
I dumpie all the time.. Whenver I am out and about my eyes are always open.I prefer early mornings to dumpie. BUt I have found stuff in the evenings too. You just gotta be curious and check em out. My whole family is freegan and so theres our group.