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Friday, April 21, 2017

kids and driving: a nightmare

With all the struggles and challenges of changing our lifestyle it never occurred to me that having 3 kids at home ages 17,19 and 21 the idea of them driving and the constant nagging to get drive time experience is nerve wracking.  Gone are days when we had drivers ed taught to us in high school. PArents did not have to do anything but go with Junior to the DMV to get the permit  and the drivers ed instructor, usually an athletic coach did the hard job. When we completed the course at the end of the semester mom and dad  would take Junior to the DMV and wait patiently while they took their driving test.   LIFE was so much simpler then.

In todays world the kids bicker and nag every time a drive somewhere is needed. "Can I drive"  is the dreaded inquiry the parent gets.  When 3 kids start this at the same time  the notion of my patience wearing thin comes to the front.  And if you reluctanyl choose one the real fighting begins..  "Its not fair"  "Its favoritism"  or "its Bullshit you let her drive and not me"   What wonderful kids.  This is usually followed by me saying "F#ck it I am driving"  Makes almost any trip unbearable.   My favorite  response occurred the other night when my 21 year old avoided me completely and told her mother "Tell dad to let me drive". Mind you i was in the drivers seat at the time.  Clearly bypassing dad and beginning the trip with both mom and I facing unavoidable confrontation.

This entire scenario plays itself out like clockwork the moment I walk in the door after a full day at work and lasts at least the first few hours..  G-d how I miss the old days.. Has anyone else gone thru this scenario.

It makes me wonder what the fascination is with driving.. To me its an exercise in futility and an annoyance.  I prefer to walk, ride the bike or take a bus or Uber.  Less stress. 

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