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Friday, May 12, 2017

And yet another week...

This past week has been tedious to say the least. The wife had me out and about all last weekend doing this and that. So by the time Monday came around I had not gotten the rest that this heart patient needs. SO the week drew out.

The q20 5th wheel hitch finally arrived and will be installed next Wednesday. So we are moving closer to a maiden voyage with the RV.  Yes I am expecting quircks and glitches to be encountered but we can work thru them.  It will be worth it in the long run.  Even if I don't retire completely it will be nice to have the RV to escape to when necessary.

I spent some time this week looking at DSLR cameras as an alternative to the iphone 6s to capture even better photographs and return my interest in photography as a hobby.  One of my first ambitions in high school was a love of capturing images on film and using the trays to further enhance my images.  Black and white was always my favorite medium and I hope to return to it in the digital realm.  I am contemplating either the Nikon platform, as I have loved Nikon film cameras since I first picked up my Nikon F way back when.  I am also looking at the Canon rebel line  as it too brings back memories of several of my cameras and lenses. I have several 35mm Canons in storage  and would like that reliability again. But alas. ONly time will tell which one I will begin my DSLR adventures with.

This weekend we are going down to the storage yard to bring some items to the RV and begin prepping it internally.  Just a short trip this time to bring down a few items purchased to personalize it to the Trash phamily.  We then are going to take Mrs Trash out for a mothers Day brunch/ lunch .

I will try and provide some new pics shortly but I am still working on the transfer from iphone to blogger.

Wish me luck,

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