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Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday morning blahs

After a somewhat productive weekend around the homestead I am not really ready to go back to the lab. However I do enjoy the fact that after this week the kids will be off for spring break which culminates with Easter Sunday in two weeks. This means the official start of garden season and the spring projects.

Always in the hunt for bargains, Mrs T found a yard sale yesterday afternoon and purchased an oscillating fan for 2 bucks and got some free fabric. I saw several boxes of free stuff but had to hold back as I really dont want more clutter  to have to arrange. SO I let them wait for someone else to claim.

Walked over to Kingies yesterday to pay the public service bill and pick up some lettuce, ramen cup o soups, and grated cheese. While there I helped myself to some samples of real Irish butter on crackers, Irish cheddar cheese balls and some potato bread. The Irish butter is a def gourmet item I might have to spend some money on in the future.. Good stuff.

Ended the day with some leftover pizza that daughter brought home and some chips before settling in with a chapter of the currently reading  ebook before bed. Got me thinking about the idea of shapeshifting skugs and their potentials.

 update: this is the beginning of week 3 with Spock. Having him sitting on the desk is forcing me to use him and become more of a Linux adventist . Something I should have done years ago.

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