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Sunday, March 24, 2013

techie and sci fi Sunday

 I finished reading turing and burroughs book by rudy rucker.. def beat influence throughout , alot of techie with a tad of monkey wrench thrown in.. Def a good well paced read that will hold the interest of the young and old alike.. The cameos of Neal Cassady and Ginsberg were very well placed.
I also must suggest that the ipad is a wonderful tool for all-purpose viewing, reading and surfing the web. While it is not of the caliber of the nexus or the smaller droid in its compatibility to open software it is by far the simplest most efficient tool for the market.
The reading of ebooks, the watching of mp4 films, the surfing of the web is all made easy on thei little device. I remember the old days when I had to carry many books and documents with me and it was cumbersome. However with the ipad and tablets available the load is definitely lighter. And after the useage the files can be easily stored for future enjoyment on my NAS rather than taking up room on my shelves, in boxes or in assorted closets. Evenually I would like to turn my NAS into a resource that my children  and close associates can access from anywhere . A sort of my own private cloud.

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