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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday morning

bfast-toast with jalapeno pepper jelly, coffee
lunch- turkey sandies, coffee
dinner- roast beast mashed taters spinach and water

After the enjoyment of digging out from the snow and going around the corner to save the jeepster and bring her home the wife and I enjoyed the day drinking coffee, sharing garden dreams for the season (she wants more pretty flowers and I want more edibles). We always manage to agree somehow. We are also talking about increasing productivity by building more raised beds..
One of the reasons I love winter is its a wonderful time to dumpie the materials needed for these projects.
We are going to convert the small stall shower in the bathroom into a seedling grow area. I am going to bring in some shelving and acquire a grow light. A simple water system attached to the sink ad drain should suffice nicely.
Yesterday in the dumpie I picked up a large plant stand curio unit and a cuppla over the window shelf units with the brackets already installed.
Today being Saturday I will partake of my usual dumpie homes to see what is available.
Enjoy your day. I will. Besides it is supposed to lighlty snow here at the 'stead. We need the moisture.

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