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Friday, February 12, 2010

FInally Friday

bfast- grits and cheese, coffee
lunch- leftover salmon, salad, and veggie soup. water
dinner- homemade cheesey, veggie chicken soup, bread and juice

For some reason the morale in Babylon is going down hill.
Days are being spent staying low and working on my own projects. Building projects for the spring at the 'stead are taking shape.. A cuppla more raised beds and maybe the greenhouse I have been contemplating for years.
I am also interested in seeing if I can get that motorized bicycle thing from Afrigadget to work..We shall see. That method of transportation would suffice during a SHTF scenario.

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Vikki said...

Be sure to post a pic of your greenhouse if you get a chance. We hope to have one by the end of summer. Vikki at