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Sunday, February 28, 2010


it has been a busy week in Babylon. There was time to blog only if i wanted to wake early and feel sleep deprived. I didnt. Too much going on. But I will try to catch yall up.
By the end of last weekend the SAfie had marked the taters down to 99 cents for a 10 pound bag so I bought a cuppla bags. They also had the hotlinks , hot dogs and other stuff for 99 cents so i partook. Lunches and snacks for the week.
I brought home and unloaded the granite rock border for another raised bed. NOw where to put it.
I also got a homemade entertainment center that I am planning to use for the pantry extension or place it in front of the window as a starter shelf for seedlings.
Yesterday I was over at the Safie for a dosage of beer when I meandered over to the deli section and found breast of turkey cold cuts by Hillshire FArms for 99 cents for 3 pound pack.. I bought 5 of them. 2 for the weekend use and the week ahead and 3 went into the freezer for future. Aint nuthin like a grilled turkey sandie with onions, mustard, maters on toast.. Wash it down with a mtn dew.

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