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Saturday, February 6, 2010

DIY: Coffee can compost bin

I was roaming around the www the other day and came across a lot of ads for in= house compost bins.. The prices rune around 20-50 dollars for a pretty metal shiny bin to heep fill your daily organic veggie matter, coffee grinds, citrus peels, egg shells etc. All of that wonderful garbage that you want to add to your outdoor bin .
You can either keep these pretty shiny bins on your designer counter top or hidden in the below sink cabinet. Some even have a filter so you dont have to smell the aroma of the rotting stuff as you open the bin.. What the heck is this crap?
Me and Mrs T drink alot of coffee so we have alot of the old cans lying around and always a fresh supply in transit.. We buy bothe the plastic Tubs and the old reliable tin cans.. What to do with them..
One thing we do is use the big old FOlgers container for a by the sink compost bin for the dailies. The black lid seals the freshness in and the size allows for several days of filling before dumping into the large pile outside. The cost is free with the purchase of the 2 pounds of ground coffee already in it. Darn shucks.. Mrs Trash, on occasion has even decorated a can or two with decoupage or wall paper to make em pretty on the counter.. If ya want one I am sure we can send you one for less than the cost of one of those yuppie shiney ones.
If anyone wants one let me know. I might be able to oblige.. Or it can be a great DIY project.

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