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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I found the culprit...

bfast- jalapeno/pepper jelly and butter burritos
lunch- apple, toast and jam, coffee
dinner- bean and cheese burritos, chips and juice

and it was right under my wifes butt all this time..
For the last several months I have been seeing an increase in our family waters useage by about 500-100 gallons a month/ I had presumed it was due to the increased useage during the winter months on laundry and showers. Well yesterday I did a tad of an investigation and discovered the source. Apparently the in the wife's bathroom the toilet tank had fallen out of adjustment and has been running constantly..Since I don't use that bathroom I would never notice.. So I snuck around and adjusted the toilet mechanism as it appeared to have been out of adjustment. This should now start saving us some more money.
With gardening season coming around the savings are necessary as expenses rise for the gardening season.

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