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Sunday, March 28, 2010

a busy Sunday

I spent most of the day in the garden today getting things going. I built a new raised bed out of scrap wood and recycled nails and planted some spinach and green onions seeds in pots. Those experiments are shown in the pics above as the pots with plastic coverings. I also planted a cuppla seed potatoes as an experiment . I know it is only March but I figured what the heck.. I love the taste of spinach leaves freshly picked..
As a sidenote I was moving things around out in the herb garden and noticed that the thyme i planted at the end of summer is coming back. There is another herb I wont have to replace.

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Vikki and the Kid said...

I am so far behind .... I should have planted at least some of my seeds, or started making the frames for parts of our garden. Instead, I'm dealing with "moving" stuff... still! Good for you. Vikki at