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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

when life hands out lemons

make lemonade
Last week the lowere heating element n the stove did a number and went byebye. Gotalove modern tech as the new art is gonna cost about the price of a new/ used oven. Then on SUnday evening the dryer stopeed tumbling. Heck I only just got it last year for about $50. I have gone thru 5-6 dryers since the Mrs and I have been married.. She uses it daily..
I guess we will have to start looking for replacements for both..

On SUnday I planted some seeds and wouldnt you know that it would snow on Sunday night and again also on Monday night. Then be in the 50s during both days.. Typical radiactive weather.. Hopefully though this will give the little seeds the moisture they need to germinate.. W shall see.

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