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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

interesting Monday

After spending Sunday evening with a bbq of fresh hamburgers, french fries and apple soda the family went into relax mode. Waking up on Monday morning the Radnet readings for Denver were over 200 cpm. Scary stuff. Stayed in the house until the levels dropped down to the 70s and then proceeded to get some work done. Mixed up sme fresh soil for the starter trays and will now let them settle a bit before starting some lettuces and cool crops.
A bit of a damper hit the stead on Sunday night when a module on the stove decided it was time to die. The stove is the originl one that was in the 'stead 7 years ago when we bought it. And it gets used almost daily. Looks like another repair on the list or depending on the cost time for a new stove for the stead. I kind of like thse new stainless steel culinary ones that Mrs T is always awgling over.
Anyhow its back to Babylon this morning. I wish I could check the radiation levels chart but the monitor for the EPA in Denver is down for reding quality monitoring. I wonder what that means..
Have a glowing day?

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