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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a bunch of BS

Apparently the whole BS from the Dervaes family and the repressiveness of or URBAN homestead activities is reach new lows/ As you all know the Dervaes bullshit spread to Denver as they are trying to shut down the Denver Urban Homesteaders.. Well F that.
If I want to call myself and Urban Homesteader it because of a bunc of whackos In CA named Dervaes. Its because it is me and mine.
Now it apparently is in Oaklnad where the thought police is haraasing a woman for farming and keeping some small livestock on her own property. See this article. Apparentl the guvt ow thinks they can control what you do on your own property. And what do our fellow "yuppie radical shits" say. Work withing the system and get the rules changed.. Fthat.
Your guvt is lying to you about radiation, the economy is in a tanker and almost all hope is lost. Do what you want.. For the assbites who might be reading tis from the LHS enjoy.
I am tired of being apologetic for your corruption and BS.

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