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Monday, June 22, 2009

Bike to work is down to 1 day

I love Bike to Work week.. For one week a year Denver recognizes the environmental impact of getting out of our cars and using altie transport. Every morning regular commuters will get downtown and enjoy a free bagel, juice, water and assorted other niceties and be able to join in the comraderie with our brother/ sister bikers.

Except this year. NOw we are down to a Bike to Work Day.. Thats right 1 friggin day. Denver is glorified with the yuppie scums.. Either that or the economy is so bad the envies are only able to offer 1 day.. We shall see.

None the less dumpie bike is in the shop with me today, after having given her a nice tune-up and oiling this morning.

If older boy ever reads this yes this is the same bie you built for me several years ago.. Thanx son

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