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Thursday, November 10, 2011

time change woes

As I get older the time change to fall back is getting more and more of a PITA.. Normally my bio clock says go to bed between 9 and 10 and getup between 4 and 5. Of course with a usual 2AM call for the potty run. SInce Sunday the clock has been a bit off with me going to bed around 9 but waking up between 3 and 4 am wanting coffee and a smoke. Sad and I hope it adjusts. Howver on the positive side the extra time gives me an opp to work on my lab, converse with my friends on FB and post to the blog before heading off to Babylon
We picked up a new wireless router for the home lab. The old one recd some moisture damage and had to be be replaced. A Belkin wireless n with a 300mbps wireless rate, a gb WAN port and 5 100base t ports. It lived up to its ad from the very first time we plugged it in and reset the Comacast beast modem. wireless connection between 250 and 300 while the ethernet is still at 100.. Its working well. I am rebuilding the lab studio with newer technologies so videos should be coming again shortly just in time for the holidays.
I am also working on a potential outline for an ebook I want to self-publish called "How not to run an IT shop". With over 30 years in the biz I may have a few pointers I have learned over the years.
As for the garden it has been put to bed for the winter and we are adding compost material directly to the soil and digging it in to rot. This will take place until the ground here freezes whereby we will then convert to using the 30 gallon trash can for collection until spring. I brought the aloe and English lavendar into the house and the potted strawberry plants are hanging on the porch getting covered when we get the snow and cold. We shall see. As I said the house is the lab and we must OCCUPY it.
carpe diem

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