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Friday, November 18, 2011

pics and paleo

2 things have gotten my attention this week.

1. Professional photographers are coming out about the wonders of the cameraphone. While I have used a gen 1 iphone as both and ipod and a still and video cam thans to many open source hacks for quite a number of years before I sold it off for profit and built another also for profit I am quite happy with the quality that comes from my 12 dollar samsung camera phone, Easily carried in my pants pocket and able to shoot quite discreetly. Another advantage is the bluetooth capability of being able to upload to my MBPro and PC without the needs for external cords. WHile I do sometimes miss the iphone I can always get another for 50 bucks and do it again if the need arises.

2. The latest craze in the Prepper community is this Paleo bullshit. Eat and survive on what the primitives dined on. WIld greens,raw fruits and veggies, fresh meat no milk and dairy. NO rice, wheat or white potatoes and def no junk food.. What a crock of crap. Reminds me of Euell Gibbons and his grape-nuts commercials from decades ago.. Pick off some bark and eat it raw. yumyum. F that.
Old Trash smokes cigars cigarettes, and assorted tobaccos, drinks booze and eats whatever he wants and lives quite niceley. As the good lord says Everything in moderation. WHile I am quite capable of growing, hunting and gathering food I am also a lover of fast food, cheap rye bread, fried taters and rooster sauce, homemade burritos, fried chicken, beer and whiskey, taco bell, Popeyes and all things greasy.
Anything that suggests we return to complete paleo ways should also mean roasting dead animal on the open fire, which is quite tasty. it also should mean living outdoors,using dead animal skins for clothes and blankets which would def piss of the PETA people. Sending our spouses ans kids out to gather veggies and greens from the parks which would prob piss off the guvt and of course have our wives at home in the cave and have our kids taught important things like how to survive rather than have the indoctrination centers we call schools fill their heads with useless dribble like the 3-rs. More to def piss off the guvt and social services.. hmmmm Maybe not a bad thing in the long run.. Whatcha all think...

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