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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

armchair curmudgeon

As we get older we become solidified in our ways and change to the routine takes longer to accomplish. Old habits, once spontaneous, become a way of life. Daily routines are essential to keep the peace.
Why fix what is not broken. Get creative. Use what you have.
These are things our ancestors taught us. We must keep the notion alive. In this this post consumer society it is vital for survival. We need not give in to the pressure to conform. We must maintain our integrity in order to maintain our freedom.
Happy Friday


Modern Day Redneck said...

I just found your blog by running through some of my traffic to mine.
Yours is right up my ally. At the moment I am building a solar bath house using mostly what others have thrown away. Come check it out.
Modern Day Redneck

Trashdigger said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time. Good stuff. I really enjoy what you are doing. Keep up the good work

Modern Day Redneck said...

Thank you. If you have not already I invite you to hit the follow button.
Maybe you have and it's under a different name.
Thanks again.