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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday news for a rainy day....

And they wonder why Trash does what he does.....

WHolesale prices rise in MArch as food costs jump

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Wholesale prices rose more than expected last month as food prices surged by the most in 26 years. But excluding food and energy, prices were nearly flat.

The Labor Department said the Producer Price Index rose by 0.7 percent in March, compared to analysts' forecasts of a 0.4 percent rise. A rise in gas prices also helped push up the index.
Still, there was little sign of budding inflation in the report. Excluding volatile food and energy costs, wholesale prices rose by 0.1 percent, matching analysts' expectations.

Food prices jumped by 2.4 percent in March, the most since January 1984. Vegetable prices soared by more than 49 percent, the most in 15 years. A cold snap wiped out much of Florida's tomato and other vegetable crops at the beginning of this year......

"Excluding food and energy".... It's interesting how they always try to make things look more rosy by "excluding food and energy". You know, your two biggest expenses besides "conventional" shelter. All part of the smoke and mirror routine they use to keep the sheeple in their daze. And they do stay dazed, because they fail to remember two summers ago, $4 gasoline, and the price increases that accompanied that "little spike" (which, by the way, never went back down). They fail to recognize the fact that "Gorebal Warming" froze a lot of produce in Florida. They're clueless as to how there is no longer a grain stockpile in this country. Don't confuse them too much by telling them the grocery store will be empty after three days of no trucks rolling in. No no no.... Nothing bad happens, this is America! Right.... Enjoy paying 49% more for veggies oh wooly ones.

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