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Thursday, April 22, 2010

rain rain i love you

After a beginning to a dry spring we finally got some spring showers last night. What a joy. I always prefer rain water to hose stuff. Anyhow I got some radishes (French Breakfast and sweet red), snow peas and more lettuce and chard in the ground on Tuesday. SO this will give them a good start.


Vikki and the Kid said...

Got my peas planted yesterday just before the rain came. Yippee!! I realize I'm late, but it's not TOO late. Next week, I'll plant potatoes and get my broccoli and cabbage in the ground. This rain will definitely help us. Vikki at

Trashdigger said...

POtatoes went in several weeks ago as an experiment and broccoli went in last weeknend/ We not real fond of cabbage, but we love lettuces, bokchoy and chard