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Monday, April 26, 2010

another new bed for Mrs T

Well. just a i thought I was done prepping for the summer season, God brought me some railroad ties and timbers so Mrs T and I decided (Mrs T more than me) that a whole patch for the ZUchs and squash would be a necessary endeavor. SO we laid out the patch and I dug it out. I will modify the soil with compost and coffee grinds and away we will go.

I have also begun cleaning out some milk cartons/ 2 lite soda bottles to be used as homemade ollas. Again one experiment leads to another in garden science.


Vikki and the Kid said...

Would you please post how you prep and use soda bottles as the olla waterer?!?! Do you pin-prick the bottle so the water drains out slowly? Thanks. Vikki at

Trashdigger said...

I nail prick 2 holes on the bottom and 3 holes about 1-2 inches up from the bottom. According to the literature that should water about 8-10 inches around the bottle.. Plant accordingly. The water usually lasts about 4-5 days. before refilling. Another tip I use is to leave empty coffee cans around the yard beds to catch rain water for seedling and extra watering needs/