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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

funny it doesnt look much different than yesterday 2009. But alas. I have been taking some much needed time off from the blog in order to regroup, eat, drink and catch up on some of the movies and tv shows that elude me the rest of the year. Turner Classic Movies is a great channel for watching movies that are considered classics.
I have been enjoying the food and frolic of the holidays with the kids and enjoying the times. The kids are all loving their new wireless computers and are leaving the big machines alone for now. I still prefer the old desktop and crt hard wired in for speed.. But alas I also have my wireless devices when necessary. But then agai I have been around this stuff for almost 30 years now and I am still addicted.
As for 2010 my goals are simple.
1.Eat what I like,
2.smoke and drink to my hearts content.
3.Keep prepping (scavenging, dumpieing,backdoor shopping)
4.Grow more this year than last. Even one more pound makes a difference.
5. etc, etc etc.

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