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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday again....

Just last Sunday I turned 50.. Today I feel 50.or older. The knees are pain and the lower back is hurting.. DAm. I took my usual Sunday morning dumpie trek and picked up a new PUMA hoodie for the kids that someone left at the neighborhood park yesterday. I then went a dumpieing behind the Safie and got some bagged greens, cole slaw, an orange and some grape tomatoes. Not a bad find. Def worth the exercise..

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Bellen said...

All the food dumpsters in our area are closed with direct access from the building - really disappointing from my point of view.

We do check playgrounds, etc for clothes and garbage day eve for other good stuff. Frankly, not much out there, probably because were in such bad straits.

50 is very young from my point of view, but keep on keeping on.