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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday morning yumyums

breakfast-- at a seminar we had eggs, biscuits, toast, meat juice and coffee
lunch- sirloin tips, chicken breast, veggies and sweets. All at seminar
dinner-- Mrs Trash made about 3 pounds of fried tates and onions and some hot links .. yumyum. I helped her peel the taters and took the skins out to the compost bin and bird feeders.

Sat outside for a while when I got back to the 'stead about 4ish.. Relaxed the rest of the evening..
Busy weekend ahead..

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Bellen said...

You grow your own potatoes? If so, have you ever deep fried or baked your potato skins? Never have tried, but told they make a good snack alternative to chips.