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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tuesday morning nirvana

It is tuesday morning 515am and I have already smokes 2 bowls of Jeri's blend in old reliable and have drank 2 cups of olJoe.  I awoke this morning after the hot day yesterday and watched the current episode of Orphan Black. Last night I further endowed myself into the pleasures of Spotify .

Listening to an array of musical delights from Keef, Kiss, the stones etc I was nicely removed from the reality of this fucked up society and transported into the audiophile foreplay of classic music. Just about anything you could want to listen to is available out there. I found some Keef that I had never heard and was thoroughly entranced by the quality of the sound for a streaming audio. Good stuff. This site is worthy of further discovery.

Also this past weekend I was able to download onto ibooks a copy of the new ru serious biography of Timothy Leary. Another good ready. So good in fact that I started the book at 430 am and had devoured the contents before 9am. It was a very enlightening  read filled with anecdotes, philosophy and even a few legitimate tin foil hat stories. you can download the book here for free.  The download worked direct from the ipad so no transporting needed. Check it out.

On the homefront, the second planting of mescaline lettuce is sprouting as are the peas and taters. More to come in the next update.

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