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Thursday, May 9, 2013

who needs an alarm clock?

I wake up every morning around 4am. Is this by design? NO. Is this by plan? NO this is a pre-determined time of the day set probably set in place my ancestors and passed down thru the genes.It gives me the benefits of having an hour or two of quiet time before the clan wakes up.

Do I need an alarm clock? Hell no. The bodies internal clock and the chirping of the early birds does the trick. At 4am the early birds start singing their tunes.  My throat says smoke and coffee are needed, my bladder needs emptying and the day should start. Its all deeply rooted in the genes.

Can we fight the genes? I doubt it. Over they years I have tried to adjust the natural clock with stimulants to keep me awake at night so that I may sleep longer. It does not work. I am usually asleep by 9 or 10 at the latest. Many times earlier. I am always awake by 4 am. It seems that nothing I do can change that, give or take an hour leeway. So I gave up and just embrace the reality the best I can.

 Unfortunately this quirck in the gene pool has caused many a strife with my partners in crime. For I seem to coddle to the other extreme when it comes to life partners. The majority of whom were/are on the late night mid morning rise schedule..

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