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Friday, May 3, 2013

Phriday Phun

I have been working tediously in both labs this past week.  At the big lab I have been working on possible refinements to processes and improvements to infrastructure of the base setups. It is hard when one has to explain and keep reminding the PTB that the world is not connected to the blue cable and that must adapt.. Its almost like telling older people of my gen that there are no carburetors in cars anymore..  Will these older people ever learn are will they be constrained by there age and loss of inquisitiveness. I for one have not . Even at my age I am still learning.. We can learn alot from our younger people.If we only take the time and make the effort.

There is a great article in the NYTImes this morning regarding the 20 somethings of today who are thinking outside the box and rethinking post-modern ideology and reembracing the skills and behaviors of our forefathers. click here for the article.  My friend Lloyd brought it to our attention on his blog and I had to read.. Oh boy can I relate. These 20 somethings are our link to the future.Hippie to hipster and back.

Anyhow today I am attending a security seminar and a screening of Iron Man 3. A trip to the tobacco emporium afterward and possibly an imbibement before spending a few hours in my big lab before returning home for the weekend. I am thinking of further exploration of this  for my weekend video update.  We shall see.

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