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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall prep come early

While this summer growing season has been mostly a disaster I have obtained a few pieces to harvest. About a pound or two of tomatos, a nice assortment of green beans and radishes and I am now harvesting about 20 pounds of squash an more coming. We have also had assorted strawberries, grapes and an occasional salad green side dish when the heat has not overtaken.
The chives. green onions and yarrow will get put up for winter useage. As well as the parsley which is beginning to grown again now that the weather has cooled down a bit. AMEN.
Now is also the time to begin maintenance work to make sure winter goes smoothly. CHecking the heat tapes, furnace cleaning and gathering hardware for inevitable repairs and fall projects.
It is also time to begin stocking up on staples for winter while prices are low. Potatos, rice, pasta and assorted canned goods to fill the pantry. Coffee teas and some back stock on booze and tobacco products are also in order.
And of course meat..

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