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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday meander

Sitting here in the coolnes of my family room office I am noticing the heat is constant outside.. Its like a desert climate. Hotter and drier than I have seen in recent times. Earthquakes had been felt in our state and are occurring elsewhere and now Irene on the eastern seaboard. Is this mother nature and the paybacks beginning. I tend to think so.

The garden has taken alot of abuse this year.. The heat is killing it slowly. Production is way down and almost non-existent except for a few of the hardier varieties.. Gonna have to be hitting up the markets in order to subsist for the winter.

Anyhow life is getting back to normal slowly. Amen. I took a walk over to Wallie this morning for bread, tortillas and toilet paper. And now I am relaxing in the coolness until the sun goes down again.

Have a joyous Saturday.

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