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Friday, August 12, 2011

friday rant

I really wish i could express everything that has gone on in the last month but its all bullshit. First the neighborhood gestapo and then the guvt gestapo are attacking old Trash at the stead. to all of them i say a rousin FU.. my alma mater.
Anyhow the zuchs are producing nicely as is the lettuces. The cukes and beans died off thanx to the gestapo. And its too late to replant them. I have to start thinking about fall planting for some excess.
I hope to post some pics up here this weekend and yes y'all maybe even a video. We shall see. Ya see the the outside office/studio is a mess from the guvt run-amok bs. BUt alas my front porch studio has not been taken down. SO we shall see.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't want to discuss it I will respect that. Did this "raid" have anything to do with the possible growing of herb which is frowned upon by certain elements of our society?

I find it hard to believe that in this economy there are actually garden Nazi's bothering people for growing food. Did they have a search warrant which spells out exactly what they were searching for? Are they liable for damages incurred during the search. Did the local media get involved.

If you care to go into details I am curious, if not no problem bro.

Hope everything mellows out.

the rat