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Sunday, August 21, 2011

summer winding down

the economy is in the tank. Politicians are scurrying for more band-aids. The cost of everything is sky-rocketing. What are we to do? Sit back and watch the shit unfold. And keep prepping. For only in calmness and peacefulness will you survive.
Stock up on food and meat
GAther barter items and ammo
Clean the weapons
Plan your escape or hanker down plans.
But keep a calm head on your shoulders. Let them be the ones to make mistakes that you can profit from.

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Anonymous said...

dear digger, everybody thinks I'm crazy. I'm buying a house. It has depreciated 12,000 dollars since july 1st. I am getting a 3.5% loan, no money down loan from VA. to pay for it. If the government goes belly up I'm not out much and if they keep on keeping on I got a real cheap place to live till they carry me off in a bag.

I'm going to park my paid for, ready to go, motor home in the back yard next to where the new garden will go in the spring.the motor home has got the solar panels and inverter and big generator so I will keep it as my main prep til I die.

Would like your opinion on buying the house.

the rat