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Thursday, February 17, 2011

what a bunch of BS

The Dervaes familys organic panties are in a dander. Urban Homestead is a free term.. Why they think it is a registered trademark for their kackamie overpublicized BS enterprise gets me. But given the divide and conquer mentality.. It should be accepted. I will not take the path to freedom link down off my site as their site contains useful info. But I am disheartened by the mentality that drove them to this unwise decision. SELLOUTS to popular consumerism.. Much to the Trash ideology sites like theirs that started with good intentions and now subsist solely to make money is BS.
LWT grew out of my dumpsterdiving and freegan lifetstyle. As you see I dont have ads or royalties or sell ad space on my blog. It will alway remain a free exchange of information as i tshould be

FYI Urban homesteader trademark

from the OCBlog


Muddome said...

They've gone from a family showing what's possible in an American city to showing what's probable in an American city.
I honestly hope all the lawyer fees they incurr wipe them out.

GYPSY JESS said...

You shouldn't just take a word like that and think that it's only yours what bull shit!!!!!!!! crazy people.