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Monday, February 7, 2011

weekend update

Spent the weekend enjoying the snow on the ground and the warmer temps. TOok several walks and then got down to some work.
Apparently the hot water kitchen faucet was the culprit as to why the hot water only trickled in the faucet. But it is always good to check all possibilities especially when it comes to plumbing. Having read other blogs and seeing the neighborhood I guess I should fell pretty luck about the results from the arctic blast. We staid nice and toasty while it got down to 15-20 below
The faucet was defective as I only bought it a few months ago. I bought another one and took the defective back to WallieWorld and they gave em my money back. Problem solved.
For Super Bowl Sunday I have a tendency to always want to BBQ with charcoal. Even in the cold and snow/ Needless to say the homemade cheesehead burgers, chips and DrPEpper were heavenly. Good weekend. And the game was good too

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Vee and the Kid said...

Glad to know you're surviving this ridiculous Winter.

Let me know if you want some chicks ... I'll give you a couple to get started.