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Trash is the editor-in-chief of an independent Colorado micro-publisher/ design studio. I dabble in digital photography, the lost art of film image making, and guerilla digital video. DrMAC Studios specializes in books and videos on self-reliance, gardening, dumpster diving, urban foraging and living off the excesses of others.
This blog documents my daily experiences with the rest of the world

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday evening

I was able to listen to Jrs radio show last night. SO I guess the evening wasnt all bad. He played alot of old blues and old rock before he went on to the new scream music. Ala in all an enjoyment.
While home the wife made roast cow and taters and spinach. yumyum. I thoroughly enjoy her cooking. She is my best friend.
Now its back to Babylon. SOSDD

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