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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fall planting

I know that we are all in the midst of the summer growing season but never to fai it is almost time to start the cool weather crops again.. Lettuces, peas, radishes chard, etc for the fall harvest.. I have been collecting lettuce seed and sweetpea seeds from the early harvest and am almost readty to start sowing again. The lettuces that spiked are now in the compost bin sans seed pods. The peas are dry and ready. Getting some greens available for the fall .. yumyum. The batteries finally died in the digital camera so will have to buy some new ones for pics this week.
Hope all are enjoying some of the fruits of their labors..I already have about 5 pounds of green beans and 20 pounds of diced squash in the deep freeze. An more coming. The cukes are finally fruiting now that the peas are out of their.. COmpetitiion must have been draining but they are fruiting in full force.Looking over the mater plants I have about 5-7 dozen maters in different stages of production. Ate some cherry ones last night with dinner salad along with some lettuce that we moved over to a shadier micro-climate and the collards and mustard that seem to thrive in heat.

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