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Sunday, July 18, 2010

yuppie urban homesteaders

As one who has been doing this almost 25 plus years I am struck by those who have only recently became urban homesteaders and are trying to market their extras to make a buck. While I dont have a problem with some of their wares. I am suspicious. Especiall when we are seeing more and more consumers getting sick from goats milk gone bad and pesticides that are used by some of these people. If you want to eat chemicals buy your stuff. If you want to grow for resale be weary of what you put on it. CHEMICALS are bad.. You are only making it harder for those who have the good consciense to live their dream ORGANICALLY.
I am very careful about what goes into my soil and onto it. If I wont eat it. Why should you grow it.. I dont give a hoot if it bolsters production for profit. I aint in it for profit. I do it for my family.. BECAUSE I care what they eat. Yes its slower and takes more time but that is the purpose. SO be aware when you hit the farmers market and urban homesteader markets this summer.. Unles you have been to their yard or pharm and seen production then you could be taking the same risks that made us do what we do only on a larger scale.
off the soapbox now and ...WATCHING THE LETTUCE GROW

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