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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mid week post

Stayed home from Babylon today to take Mrs T to an appt. Working from the porch office this morning. The rain yesterday left a nice little bit of moisture on the ground and the garden is loving it. Thing surely perk up with a tad of natural moisture. Supposedly the wind picked up last night but me and the Mrs were asleep by 9-930 so we missed it. Apparently we had two power outages yesterday. One in the morning and another last evening. Alas. I prefer the dark. Yet the swamp coller doesnt really work without the electric motor. I really need to get serious about finding a portable generator.. Prices should be fairly cheap during the summer months.. We shall see.
Anyhow I harvested some collard seeds and some cantaloupe seeds from the early melons and the spiked collards. If anyone wants any I would be happy to share at a dollar a packet.. (30-40 seeds of collards and 10 seeds of cantaloupe) Just comment some interest and I will fwd where you can send the donation. COllards would be a good green for the fall harvest. SO if you get them in now you can have collards in about 4-6 weeks. The cantys would be a next spring start..
I also have plenty of chives and yarrow if anyone is interested..
Not that I need the money but to cover postage and a trip to the mailbox.

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